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Walter Pack

As the Group’s creator and leader, Walter Pack has its head-office in the Basque Country, a region of Spain globally known for its industrial tradition. Walter Pack began producing thermoformed plastic parts for a wide variety of industrial sectors, and has been taking over and building up around it a group of companies focused on the provision of comprehensive solution services and the manufacture of plastic parts, with the automotive industry being one of its main customers and the force behind all the company’s innovation processes.

WP soon went on to create the new company IDELT for the design and manufacture of prototypes. In 2000, the company embarked upon an ambitious globalization plan, with the first steps being taken to open a production unit in India (2008), targeting the Asian market, as well as a plant in Mexico (2015) to serve the Americas. In 2016, it reinforced its presence in Asia with a second plant in India (Delhi). In 2014, Walter Pack took another step forward by taking over the Catalan company PPT, a world leader using IMF technology in the manufacture of decorative plastic parts for the automotive industry, and a TIER 1 supplier for a number of brands.




Incorporation of Walter Pack

Walter Pack began making thermoformed plastic parts for a wide range of industrial sectors.


Incorporation of IDELT

WP also soon created the company IDELT for the design and manufacture of prototypes.


Launch of the globalization plan

The company began an ambitious internationalisation plan, with the intention of expanding markets in both Asia and the Americas.


Introduction of IMD-IMF technology

WPG incorporates IMD-IMF technology, which allows the inclusion of high-quality decorative finishes in injected parts.


Opening of the first plant in India

Establishment of a production unit located in Pune and aimed at the Asian market.


Takeover of the Catalan company PPT

Walter Pack took another step by incorporating the Catalan company PPT, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of decorated plastic parts for the automotive sector using the IMF technology.


Opening of a production plant in Mexico

The company consolidates its internationalisation plan with the creation of its first production unit in the Americas, in Querétaro, Mexico.


Opening of a second production unit in India

Walter Pack has strengthened its presence in Asia with the establishment of its second plant, this time in New Delhi, India.


Strategic alliance with Grupo Antolin, which acquires 40% of WP



The Group’s current strategy is based on three very clear lines: first, the vertical integration of processes, from each part’s design through to its final delivery; second, global expansion into markets with high-growth potential, such as India and Mexico; and third, an unequivocal commitment to R&D as a driver of growth and an assurance for the future.

Walter Pack’s core business is to supply decorative parts for the automotive, electronics and household appliances industries. It is currently developing “plastronics” technology, which besides decorating incorporates functional electronics into the finished part. This technology, which adds functionality to the parts, reduces both the cost of assembly processes and the space used by standard electronics.



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Ner Group

WPG is part of an association of companies involving over 20 Basque firms and business organisations, which in many cases are their respective market leaders. These companies share experiences, synergies and knowledge to move towards a new model of corporate relationships. With a clear commitment to society, this association aims to achieve fair and sustainable human development. With a combined workforce of around 2,700 people, over 400 million euros in turnover, and operations in more than 60 countries, the association is working towards a new business vision and shared social values.

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