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Walter Pack masters different technologies, using them according to the needs of the different parts being produced.


Silk-Screen printing

At Walter Pack, we have the know-how to develop multiple designs in the silk-screen printing of PC, PMMA, ABS and Polyester films. In addition to the advantages of customisation in design, silk-screen printing allows producing smaller batches of material, thus reducing production costs. Furthermore, silk-screen printing enables integrating functions into the parts produced.

One of the basic technologies we use involves printing our own films through the silk-screen printing process, which makes us extremely versatile and allows us to produce 3D effects, double decorations, and short runs that would not be possible through other processes, such as heliography.

We have the best automatic lines, always working in cleanrooms, to provide the best finish with the finest print quality. In addition, our laboratory and 1806 room for electronic printing enable us to manufacture “plastronics” parts on site.


Forming Technology

For over 25 years, Walter Pack has specialised in the manufacture of plastic parts using forming technology, which is a hot stamping process.

We have automatic high and low pressure lines for converting multiple materials, such as ABS, PC, PMMA or PE into film format. High-pressure thermoforming (HPT) involves heating the material at a very low temperature, and so avoiding the plastic being distorted, with the performance and positioning of figures and pictograms that are difficult to produce with other methods.


Injection Moulding IMD-IMF

In-Mould Decoration (IMD), also known as In-Mould Forming (IMF), is a versatile, cost-effective method for producing and decorating durable three-dimensional plastic parts. This technology provides high-quality decorative finishes in injected parts, with great resistance to both wear and tear.

Compared to other decoration methods, IMD provides design flexibility and productivity advantages, as well as catering for the use of a variety of colours, 3D effects, and different textures in a single operation.

Walter Pack has protracted experience in the manufacture of decorative injected parts using machines ranging from 60 to 750 tn. Some of them are installed inside cleanrooms, with the aim being to ensure the level of quality expected by the world’s main OEMs.



The process of painting as a method for decorating parts is widely used in the plastics sector. WP has the finest calibre machines, with CO2 cleaning, whereby it can guarantee the unmatchable quality of its painted parts. The Walter Pack painting system means very high runs at highly competitive prices.

Where necessary, the combination of painting and laser etching allows WP to achieve parts at a very competitive cost.


Other technologies

  • Laser decoration
  • 6-axis Laser Cutting Technology
  • Die Cutting Technology
  • Pad Printing Technology
  • Hot Stamping
  • Chrome Film Decoration
  • Assembly
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