Walter Pack develops iconic, innovative control panel for two Tata Motors flagship vehicles

Walter Pack and its strategic collaboration with Antolin have developed an innovative, iconic touchscreen control panel that integrates into the cockpit of two of Tata Motors’ flagship vehicles, the new Harrier and Safari SUVs. 

Technical challenge

The development of this component has been a technological challenge that has helped to showcase Walter Pack’s capabilities in the production of large, complex-geometry parts using high-pressure thermoforming. The control panel is made up of a single, one-meter-long piece that integrates a unique combination of design and functionality to provide an exceptional user experience. The technology used to produce this front panel has not only helped to redefine and give character to the brand’s premium SUV segment in India; it has also been Walter Pack’s response to the trend in the electric vehicle market towards compact front grills capable of integrating an ever-increasing number of functionalities, including artificial intelligence. 

The importance of IMF technology

Walter Pack used high-end materials and exclusive finishes to produce this component with IMF technology, and combined them with the functionalities developed by Antolin with one goal: to create a large, iconic front that integrates innovation and beauty inspired by Indian interior decoration. The role of the Basque company in this project has been key, both for its expertise in using IMF technology to design three-dimensional parts with high-quality decorative finishes and for its ability to produce components of these dimensions. 


The finishes made by Walter Pack are the perfect combination for the functional solution developed by Antolin: the touchscreen control panel is conceived as a large, operational surface designed to operate systems such as temperature control and other functions in a comfortable and intuitive way through its HMI screen. All of this forms an elegant ensemble in which the piano black color encompasses the entire instrument panel and both the direct ambient light (RGB) and advanced electronics add significant value. 

Multifunctional panel

The result is a large component located at the heart of the cockpit that gives the user complete control over the vehicle’s functions, increases their personalization options and helps the driver to enjoy the essence of driving. The new panel integrates several functions through a hybrid system that includes sliders, capacitive and switches: it controls the climate control, the emergency light, the opening of the tailgate, the fog lights, the 360-degree panoramic camera, and the front and rear defrosting, among others. 

Technological capabilities

The development of this control panel has allowed Walter Pack to showcase our capabilities in the production of large-sized, high-pressure thermoformed parts and to position ourselves in a strategic position in the manufacture of compact front grills for electric vehicles,” said Miguel Bernar, CEO of Walter Pack. “This has been a unique project that has allowed us to face the challenge of integrating a large number of functionalities into a single, impressive, one-meter-long decorative surface,” he concluded.