The invasion and war in Ukraine have tested the capacity to respond and the strength of the values that characterise the companies and organisations that are part of nergroup. Our commitment to people and society has led us to create, in cooperation with NegoBide Círculo Empresarial, several organisations and thirty volunteers of Slavic origin, UkraniaSOS, an initiative with which we want to react quickly and efficiently to the urgent needs of people suffering the war.

A team made up of members of the organisations involved in the project first organised the transport of a van loaded with basic material to Slovakia, on the Ukrainian border. However, immediately afterwards, all the organisations, including Walter Pack, mobilised to send a convoy made up of four other vehicles loaded with material such as warm clothes, imperishable foodstuffs, medicines, etc., and to pick up around thirty refugees with the aim of accommodating them in shelters in our area.

Within this humanitarian project, Walter Pack’s commitment has been clear from the very beginning: we took part in the first meetings that were called to organise the sending of the material and the vans, and to find volunteers to act as intermediaries with the organisations and to work as drivers. The road trip to the Slovak-Ukrainian border is more than 25 hours.

We then began the work of collecting warm clothes, canned and non-perishable goods, personal hygiene products and basic necessities. In total there were three pallets that finally could not leave for Slovakia for one simple reason: the tide of solidarity of the other organisations participating in the project managed to fill the vehicles with humanitarian material in less than a week, the deadline we had set ourselves to organise the shipment. In any case, all this material from donations from the Food Bank, Koopera and other organisations could be redirected to one of the host families in Getxo and made available to other solidarity initiatives. Three people who work at Walter Pack have also volunteered to act as drivers in the event that new shipments of material to the Ukrainian border are organised.

All the initiatives in which we have participated at Walter Pack have the nergroup New Relationship Style mark, with a double goal: to guarantee their transparency and verifiability, and to try to ensure that they are carried out with the highest level of efficiency, taking into account the difficulties and uncertainties of the scenarios and circumstances in which we work.