Europe's leader in In Mold Decoration technology at IFA Berlin 2022

An insight from Walter Pack

Highly competitive, European quality and design meet the most demanding standards imposed by the automotive world. This is Walter Pack’s business card for IFA Berlín 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for consumer and home electronics, which will be held in the German capital from 2 to 6 September.

Technology and design

Over the course of these five days, the worlds of industrial design, innovation and consumer electronics will come together to showcase all the latest developments in sectors and technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart living and digital health, among many others. Walter Pack will be present at this international forum to offer its range of solutions and plastic components with high value-added aesthetics and functionality, and its well-defined value proposition: exceptional finishes that serve the design requirements of its customers. The perfect solution for HMI panels that combines aesthetics and the functional experience through the use of capacitive buttons and keys, amongst others.

A sustainable design, key to a positive user experience

The ultimate expression of excellence, Walter Pack’s commitment to the design is one of the most differentiating elements of its work. The aesthetic and finishes of its parts are key to achieving a full user experience, regardless of the device in which they are integrated: from the HMI interface of a high-performance refrigerator to the front panel of a coffee machine or the leather of a smart device. Thanks to many projects that aim to make the plastic components more sustainable, Walter Pack is committed to reusing materials, and recycling plastics and the final parts, which, thanks to a design that integrates processes and reduces the weight of the part, results in a lighter and more sustainable product.

A well-defined value proposition

From the point of view of competitiveness, Walter Pack’s activity rests on three fundamental pillars, making it a world leader in the design and production of plastic parts with high added-value:

Design and technology

Walter Pack is one of the few companies in the world capable of producing plastronics solutions, and has established itself as an international benchmark in In-Mold-Electronics (IME), a technology that produces state-of-the-art plastic parts and fully functional integrated electronic components. Its experience in the automotive world over the last several decades has earned it the highest international quality standards, which it applies to all its solutions for white goods, consumer electronics, home appliances and medical devices, among others.

Comprehensive services

Walter Pack provides all-in-one solutions with a fully-comprehensive approach. Unlike other manufacturers, this Basque company has the necessary technology to comprehensively produce complex components with high added value, and does not need to resort to third parties or subcontract the production of parts. This results in a significant reduction in production times and, above all, in the achievement of very high quality standards without additional costs.


Walter Pack has a global presence. It has production plants strategically located in India, Spain and Mexico to provide customer support and service, including all the technical support required for ensuring thorough follow-up of its solutions. Its expertise and strength in the international market have allowed it to expand into countries such as the United States, Italy and India, consolidating its position as a leader in the design and manufacture of plastic components with integrated electronics.

Leading clients in their sectors

Throughout its 30 years of activity, Walter Pack has become a reliable and competitive supplier; it is a benchmark partner when it comes to designing, producing and supplying smart components and unique plastic parts that stand out from the usual poorer-quality products that plague the Asian market. Walter Pack has a portfolio of major international clients, leaders in their respective sectors, including DeLonghi, Braun, Mabe and General Electric, as well as in the automotive industry. Its continued commitment to technology has allowed it to take the lead in helping to shape the future of the home appliance, consumer electronics and medical device industries in the domain of digital health.

Color&Trim, the key to innovation

One of Walter Pack’s goals is to spot trends and configure solutions that offer a unique user experience. This has led to the creation of the Color&Trim Department, a design lab where designs are configured and the functions of the pieces are improved in order to create new impressions and experiences. The search for avant-garde and functional components leads it to anticipate consumer demands in order to shape new trends by means of market knowledge, dialogue with its partners and customers, and with an extremely innovative core. In this way, Walter Pack can design and produce textured parts, with fading, patterns, backlighting and touch responses – a whole range of features to increase the added-value of plastic parts.

Cutting-edge technology

Color&Trim’s proposals include In-Mold Forming (IMF) technology, which produces three-dimensional plastic parts with high-quality printed decorative finishes, and, above all, In-Mold-Electronics technology, which makes it possible to design and produce specific parts and components with integrated electronic and functional elements. Capacitive sensors and conductive inks compatible with lighting and tactile responses allow the part to be fully integrated with the surroundings. The work of this area is complemented by that of the R&D department, which achieves exquisite finishes to illuminate new effects and functionalities. The result of this work is components specifically designed for integration in the white goods sector, HMI technology displays and Smart Solutions, without losing sight of the sustainability of materials and the optimisation of processes.

A commitment to the connected home

Many of the innovative developments Walter Pack is working on are aimed at the connected home. This is a sector that combines the operation of most household devices, from small and large household appliances to consumer electronics, with new internet-derived technologies such as intelligent voice assistants. Walter Pack’s ability to design unique plastic parts with integrated electronic components puts it in a unique position to lead this new landscape in terms of design, functionality and competitivity. A value proposition that makes Walter Pack a benchmark partner in the sectors of white goods, consumer electronics and devices related to digital health, among many others.