Color and Trim

Trends, creativity, inspiration and design

We analyze trends, anticipate market needs, and contribute to our clients’ leadership. We propose innovative solutions that we want to be part of industrial transformation. Creativity is the engine of our work. It allows us to shape passion and channel emotions to produce unique components. We work to exceed conventional proposals and be permanently at the forefront.


We want to serve as inspiration to different sectors: automotive, home appliances or consumer electronics, and for this we combine talent and innovation to conceive exceptional pieces that contribute character and functionality.

We go far beyond traditional concepts of design, lighting, surface, and materials. We continuously seek excellence to achieve unique and exclusive finishes.

Specialized in decoration and interiors

As a company specialized in the design and development of decorative pieces, we have the appropriate innovation and technology to achieve the highest level of decoration for vehicles or small appliances.

We design and define the pieces of the most modern cars, the most innovative appliances, and the most avant-garde electronic devices.

We take care of every detail to achieve the best possible result in its finish and functionality. To do this, we analyze trends, study competition, develop innovative services, design avant-garde models, work as a team, etc.

In short, through our Color & Trim department we create the aesthetics and emotional experience of the cars, devices, and appliances of the future. We take care of analyzing and understanding the user’s needs well to satisfy them, taking into account future trends in tones, shapes, colors, finishes, and functionality.

We test color tones, study space optimization and functionality. We offer exclusive solutions that make a difference in each piece.




For many years, haptic technology, known as the tactile experience, has been worked on in the automotive sector to achieve a better experience and greater safety. We design, develop, and produce pieces that generate sensations, that transport us and evoke emotions through touch. In short, haptic systems allow us to improve driving and optimize the use of an appliance.



We also develop backlighting systems to offer functionality and practicality to each piece. Thus providing more innovative, easy to use and much more practical details.


Real materials

Real materials

We bet on real, resistant and durable materials. To do this, we have innovative services and latest generation technologies. We have a machine park composed of very precise cutting dies, laser systems to decorate the small details of each piece, laser cutting machines, thermoforming, artificial vision systems, automatic painting and stamping systems. In addition, we offer different printing and screen printing technologies with different materials.

We also work on innovative technologies such as plastronics, based on research in flexible electronics along with advances in the development of polymers and plastics to offer flexibility and flexibility in the creation of decorative pieces. And the IMF (In-Mold Forming) technique, which allows us to produce three-dimensional plastic pieces with high-quality print finishes.

Specialized in decoration and interiors

We innovate, research, evolve to offer quality and personality. We study the best color combinations for the different decorative pieces of a specific car model, a specific type of appliance and for electronic devices. We analyze its shape and functionality to develop practical and functional decorative pieces. We design them in a personalized way, taking into account the specific needs of the product and the audience it is aimed at.

Color & Trim Department of Walterpack

At Walter Pack we accompany you in the design, development and manufacturing of the most practical and personality-filled decorative pieces on the market. We take care of the decorative pieces of the vehicle interior, practical pieces for electronic decoration and household appliances. We take care of the materials, bet on quality, perform tests and choose the best option to achieve excellence. Details make the difference.