Metastatic breast cancer is an incurable illness that is also widely misunderstood. Unlike breast cancer, which receives significant social attention and has a 99% survival rate, the metastatic variant has a survival rate of less than 30%. It is relatively unknown, and research surrounding it is still in its early stages.

To increase awareness of this disease and delve into the search for treatments that help combat it, Walter Pack and the organizations involved in the New Style of Relationships hosted a charity race on the 21st in partnership with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association. The event brought together hundreds of participants in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The objective was to encourage institutions, researchers, and society in general to pay greater attention to this disease and support those affected in their daily lives to improve their quality of life.

The Women’s Race 2023, in which several volunteers from Walter Pack actively took part, is part of a broader campaign to advocate for the “missing M” in the so-called “Triple M” of this disease and thus encompass its metastatic variant. In fact, the initials around which the campaign revolves have a triple significance: Woman, as 99% of this disease occurs in women; Mama, representing the origin of the disease; and Metastatic, as nearly 30% of breast cancer cases progress into this variant. Under this premise, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association provided detailed information about the disease and the initiatives deployed to join the movement to the attendees.

The organization also encouraged participants to omit the letter “M” from 1 out of every 3 social media posts when referring to this disease. The reason behind this was to symbolize that nearly one in three cases of women with breast cancer eventually develop metastasis.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Association (AECMM) was founded by Chiara Giorgetti, an Italian nun residing in Barcelona, who created a closed Facebook group in January 2017 to share experiences among women with metastatic breast cancer, as their reality differs from those without this variant. The work of Chiara and other women laid the foundations for the current association, which aims to raise awareness about the disease, contribute to its research through financial resources, and empower patients to improve their autonomy and well-being. Chiara Giorgetti passed away from this disease on December 25, 2018.

Walter Pack’s participation in the Women’s Race 2023 is one of the numerous initiatives in which the Basque company is involved as part of the NER Group. Over the past few years, the organizations involved in the New Style of Relationships have participated in around two hundred projects with the goal of fundraising and supporting various charitable initiatives in areas such as education, combating exclusion, and healthcare, among others.