Nergroup and Walter Pack complete 2022 full of solidarity challenges

2022 was a difficult year, both economically and commercially, and in terms of solidarity. The year of post-pandemic and early recovery quickly turned into a global humanitarian, social and economic challenge triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine

These elements encouraged the organizations involved in the New Style of Relations in which Walter Pack is immersed to redouble their commitment to society and to launch some twenty actions with a fundamental objective: to contribute to achieving a more just and sustainable human development inside and outside our territory.

The results of these actions could not be more gratifying: nearly 300 nergroup volunteers have worked 2,500 hours on these projects, bringing in nearly 51,300 euros and directly benefiting nearly 3,700 people.

All of these actions are closely linked to several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are in line with Walter Pack’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, i.e. the commitments we have made to respect the environment, have a positive impact on our social environment, and integrate and promote the diversity of people in our governing bodies.

Sustainable Development Goals

Within the framework of these initiatives, we have developed five projects and actions of social awareness and defense of human rights outside our continent. In February, the invasion of Ukraine almost immediately triggered the organization of a convoy of four vans loaded with humanitarian aid to Slovakia. The nergroup and Walter Pack volunteers took 25 hours to reach Kosice, on the border with the Ukrainian country, and brought food, warm clothing and medicine to victims of the war to help them cope with the conflict. The convoy was able to return with 26 other people who decided to leave their homes, families and jobs to escape the effects of the war.

At the same time, nergroup, in collaboration with UkraniaSOS and the Basque People’s Europe Foundation, helped manage the reception and logistics of approximately 1,000 people so that they could maintain as normal a life as possible during the conflict. These initiatives have been developed in parallel with other activities aimed at raising funds to support host families in the Basque Country and people who have had to stay in Ukraine: the organization of two pelota matches has raised a total of 9,142 euros, which have been donated to the Fundación Instituto Europa de los Pueblos.

NER Group and Walter Pack's commitment

In addition to Ukraine, nergorup organizations have participated in other solidarity activities, this time on the African continent. As part of the Saluganda campaign, we managed to collect a total of 110 bicycles for teachers in Uganda, with the aim of promoting education and facilitating teachers’ travel to schools, which are located several kilometers from their homes.

At the same time, nergroup has helped spread the word about the actions of the ship Aita Mari, which has been fighting the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean since 2017. And already within our borders, we have collaborated with various associations through awareness campaigns and initiatives to raise funds to promote research against cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

This work has been complemented by campaigns against food waste; in favor of the incorporation of women in STEAM vocations; in defense of inclusive and adapted sports; to fight exclusion, with the creation of an urban vegetable garden for people at risk of social exclusion, and in favor of the environment, with the planting of more than 4,000 native trees.

These initiatives are an example of Walter Pack’s commitment to society and to fair and sustainable development, and an example of our commitment to an organizational model based on solidarity, creativity, innovation and a vision of the future.