June 30, 2022

Walter Pack has reached a new stage in its international expansion plan by joining the US market with the iconic Jeep automotive brand. This is a strategic move of great importance for the spanish company because it gives access to a large but complex market, which imposes high quality standards and where there is a strong competition. In addition, this project has enabled Walter Pack to incorporate the legendary American OEM as a customer thanks to its extensive portfolio of high added value plastic solutions.

The company has reached the North American market with the WS Lens project it has produced for the manufacturer of off-road vehicles: this order, which was formalised last year and will last until 2026, consisted of the production of 3 versions of plastic display screens with inserted logos. The displays are located in the vehicle’s centre console and contribute to giving the vehicle’s interior a special personality.

The development of this project has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team from different departments, from purchasing to processes, quality and customer service, with the aim of offering an optimised response to the North American manufacturer in terms of both deadlines and costs.

The project is the result of a comprehensive strategy that Walter Pack has developed in several phases. The company has taken Jeep’s screen design as a starting point to carry out different simulations and optimise the aesthetic configuration of the part. Throughout this process, Walter Pack carried out the necessary analyses and studies to design and create a specialised lens cell.

The part has been worked with In-Mold Forming (IMF) technology, which ensures a result with decorative finishes of optimum quality and resistant to abrasion and wear.

In addition, a continuous analysis of the robustness and stability has been carried out, as well as a permanent verification of the quality of the pieces to guarantee compliance with the results of the tests and to prevent the slightest aesthetic defect from occurring at any stage of the process.

The entire process ensures exceptional quality of both the design and the functionality and robustness of the components and has made Walter Pack a benchmark partner for the American car manufacturer.