Walter Pack poised to showcase innovation at Automotive Interiors Expo 2023

The Automotive Interiors Expo presents a pivotal opportunity for Walter Pack to showcase its cutting-edge advancements in automotive interior design. Embracing the ethos of technology, sustainability, and innovation, Walter Pack gears up for this prestigious event, scheduled for December 5th to 7th in Stuttgart, Germany. This premier European forum on automotive interior design serves as an ideal platform for Tier 1 companies like Walter Pack to exchange insights and showcase their expertise in producing high-value decorative plastic components.

Walter Pack's Innovation Spotlight at Automotive Interiors Fair

Gorka Litago and Sonia López, representing Walter Pack’s R&D and Color & Trim departments, will be in attendance to highlight the company’s mastery of IMF technology in manufacturing three-dimensional components with exceptional decorative finishes. These components stand out for their durability, resistance to abrasion and wear, and ability to harmonize with the latest interior design trends. As an international leader in IMF technology, Walter Pack is fully equipped to develop and produce functional components with exclusive colors and innovative materials, all geared towards delivering an exceptional user experience.

The R&D and Color & Trim departments play a crucial role in aligning Walter Pack’s solutions with the evolving demands and trends of the automotive sector, with a growing emphasis on sustainable production practices. Their expertise extends to supporting major car manufacturers in creating comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional solutions that embrace circular economy principles and environmental consciousness.

Walter Pack's Sustainable Drive: From Design to Circular Economy

Walter Pack’s commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by its membership in the United Nations Global Compact, a global initiative promoting responsible business practices. This strategic move underscores the company’s dedication to an alternative management model founded on principles of justice, social economy, and fair and sustainable human development. These values form the organizational pillars of the NER Group, to which Walter Pack belongs.

The Global Compact membership is a testament to the R&D department’s ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into its operations. This commitment includes working with eco-friendly materials such as cork, wood, and aluminum, as well as engaging in various research projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of automotive interiors. One such project involves reusing plastic waste to create new components, while another focuses on developing plastronic components using recycled and fully disassemblable materials, optimizing component use at the end of its life cycle.

With its innovative proposals and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Walter Pack positions itself as a leading force in designing solutions for the so-called Third Living Space, the future of automotive interiors that encompasses comfort, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

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