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Group VP Lighting, HMI & Electronics at Antolin

Marta Cuevas , Group VP Lighting, HMI & Electronics at Antolin

Spain has a unique opportunity to remain a global reference in the industry by leading the electrification process taking place in the sector. We are the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe, a position we have achieved thanks to competitive costs, a skilled workforce, a network of top-tier suppliers, and a notable technological level of our companies. We must maintain these strengths. It is necessary to create an attractive and stable work environment, encourage investments, and intelligently leverage European funds to support companies’ transformation.

At Antolin, we have embarked on a new phase in our long history with the goal of leading the new electric mobility era. This phase is marked by the transformation plan we initiated a few months ago, aiming to generate greater value in our business by developing a solid and profitable long-term growth project. We have introduced a new brand and corporate identity to kickstart this phase. We are committed to giving a strong boost to our strategy in all aspects: we will focus more on the customer, becoming their key partner for their future models, and we will accelerate our innovative technologies and solutions.

The new technologies surrounding connectivity and digitization will transform vehicles by incorporating new functionalities and solutions. It will be a car with an intelligent interior. We want to accompany our customers by helping them develop a more advanced, sustainable, technological, and people-centric space. Our strength lies in our technological capability, supported by the experience and knowledge of our teams, to offer the most comprehensive and extensive portfolio of interior vehicle products and solutions in the market. We have an extensive range of technologies that we are enhancing with new capabilities in electronics, lighting, and HMI solutions.

Antolin’s new solutions include our vehicle access systems, which were recently recognized with Innovation Awards at CES 2023. We also offer intelligent decorative systems, backlit surfaces, and cabin electronics and comfort solutions. The new mobility represents a business opportunity for us, with an interior that will incorporate more added value and functionalities. Last year, nearly 40% of electric cars sold worldwide featured components from Antolin.

First and foremost, I would emphasize the company’s ongoing commitment to being close to the customer. In this sector, there are only a few customers, around 40 major vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their needs, adapt to their requirements, and collaborate as long-term partners in the development of innovation and technology. Another factor is the dedication and involvement of our teams throughout the years. Companies are built by people, and this requires working together as a committed team with clear objectives and a spirit of excellence.

Lastly, there has been a firm commitment to continuous innovation and technological development. Antolin was born with an innovative breakthrough—a revolutionary steering joint that improved vehicle safety during its time. This has served as a key lever for adapting to the industry’s constant changes. Today, innovation is essential to lead the transformation happening in vehicles, enabling us to offer customers technologies that meet the desires and requirements of the end-users.

For Antolin, it is essential to collaborate with the best technological partners, such as Walter Pack, in order to develop and expand our portfolio of solutions. The strategic partnership with Walter Pack allows us to offer solutions with greater added value in our products that meet market and customer demands. Through Walter Pack’s technologies, we can provide decorative inserts and sophisticated intelligent surfaces. We have already implemented several projects in the market, including backlit decorative parts, and we have key ongoing projects in the development phase. The application of foils is part of both Antolin’s advanced engineering and innovation lines.

That is why Walter Pack plays a crucial role in our technological advancements in interior parts, and we are highly satisfied with this collaboration that enhances our capabilities, offering customers the most advanced and high-quality systems in the industry. It’s worth noting that Walter Pack is established in many regions around the world, close to Antolin’s plants, which facilitates the proper development and production of the system we deliver to our customers. I would highlight the team of people from our partner. They are a truly innovative, collaborative, and proactive team that always seeks to bring new ideas to the market.

Women are essential in work teams: we often have excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask, and adaptability to change. We have a predisposition for collaborative work, and we are pragmatic and empathetic, which are crucial qualities in times marked by significant changes, challenges, and uncertainties. My advice is to fight for what they believe in and to never stop believing in themselves. They should not be intimidated by problems but rather turn them into lessons for improvement. I encourage women to seize opportunities and make the most of them.


Marta Cuevas is the highest-ranking executive of the Lighting, Human Machine Interface & Electronics Business Unit at Antolin. It is one of the five major activities of the company, which includes the technological aspect of the automotive interior business, encompassing various lighting products, HMI systems, and electronics. She leads a global team of over 2,500 people located in 8 factories and several technical centers across Europe, North America, and Asia.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, all within Antolin since she joined in 1996, Marta is firsthand witnessing the exciting moment the automotive industry is going through, with an unstoppable transformation towards more sustainable and technological vehicles.

In a predominantly male-dominated sector with limited female leadership, her experience and leadership serve as an inspiration for women who aspire to develop their careers in the Spanish industry.