NER Group and Walter Pack join forces in a reforestation project in Mallabia

On February 12th Walter Pack and the organizations that are part of the NER Group took another step forward in favor of environmental sustainability and care for our environment. Around 60 volunteers from NER Group took advantage of the celebration of the Zuhaitz Eguna to repopulate an old pine forest in Mallabia with native trees and with the same determination: “Today we are going to take care of our home”.

New trees for a new beginning

In total, the participants planted 365 seedlings of different species, including oak, birch, chestnut, pear, apple, hazel and yew trees. With this initiative, Walter Pack and the other organizations have replanted different forest areas with a total of 4,870 trees in recent years, thus contributing to one of NER Group’s objectives: to be useful to society and to implement projects committed to the environment.

NER Group's commitments

This project is part of a long series of initiatives in which NER Group has been working for several years as a result of its commitment to fair and sustainable human development. These activities are part of six different areas, in which, in addition to the commitment to Sustainability and the Environment, are Education and the Transmission of Values; Awareness, Human Rights and Projects in other continents; Health; People at Risk of Social Exclusion, and Intellectual and Functional Disability.

The initiative of the past 12th counted with the participation of the Lurgaia Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to promote the conservation of biodiversity and the management of natural heritage. The members of Lurgaia helped the NER Group volunteers to prepare the land, place the guides and plant the saplings during a day that was held in a family and festive atmosphere.