Walter Pack will be showcasing its IMF technology-based capabilities and solutions at the IZB trade fair in Germany

The IZB trade fair in Wolfsburg, Europe’s leading automotive supplier event, will be the showcase for Walter Pack’s potential in the manufacture of high value-added plastic solutions from 11th to 13th October, where it will be exhibiting its In Mold Forming (IMF) and In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology capabilities.

The spanish manufacturer, which will attend the event together with the Basque automotive cluster ACICAE and its partner Grupo Antolin, will take advantage of this specialised forum to showcase several of the IMF technology-based parts that have already become aesthetic and functional icons for several major car brands. Grupo Antolin will present some technological innovations mainly in the area of HMI and sustainability.

"Walter Pack's presence at this trade fair is an opportunity to show our potential and our competitive advantages in the manufacture of differential plastic solutions through IMF, which is the real core business of the company. Our expertise and know-how are what have positioned us as an international reference in the use of this technology, and what have made us partners of some of the main automotive manufacturers " explains Walter Pack's CEO, Miguel Bernar.

Walter Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic components using IMF, a technology that allows the creation of avant-garde designs and unique haptic sensations with electronic elements that provide specific functionalities with high added value, both in the automotive and home appliance sectors, among others. Thanks to its international presence, Walter Pack can offer local design and manufacturing in Europe (Spain), Asia (India) and the North American region (Mexico).

IMF technology helps to develop components of greater complexity and functionality than those made by In-Mold Decoration (IMD), and even to increase the aesthetic possibilities offered by the latter technique. Specifically, In-Mold Forming technology allows for the incorporation of multiple patterns, specific logos and backlit lines, and offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to configuring unique tactile sensations. All of this with a well-defined objective, as Miguel Bernar affirms
" To create iconic, beautiful and functional elements that guarantee a unique user experience "

The advantages of this technology in comparison with IMD have led several car manufacturers to entrust the Basque company with the production of various components that combine aesthetics and functionality, and which have become brand emblems, including Jeep, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Volkswagen and Škoda.

Walter Pack has developed three versions of plastic display screens for the American off-road vehicle manufacturer Jeep, featuring logos inserted using IMF technology. These screens, called WS Lens, are located in the vehicle’s centre console and add a significant amount of personality to the vehicle’s interior. The lenses are made of hard coated PC and their curvature and radii are adapted to the new physiognomy of today’s cockpits, with curved screens, ghost effect and full compatibility with the optical bonding process.

Alfa Romeo and BMW have also entrusted the Basque company with the production of plastic components using MFI, in this case for their Tonale and 1 Series models, respectively. Walter Pack designed the central and door decorative baguettes, including active and passive backlights with various design patterns and 3D shapes adapted to the contours of the vehicle’s interior.

This technique has also been used by the Basque group to produce traditional decorative parts painted in one or two coats, with additional processes such as laser etching or hot stamping, for both Volkswagen and Škoda.

The IZB trade fair, which is the result of a partnership between the Volkswagen Group and the German city of Wolfsburg, has established itself as one of the world’s leading showcases for the automotive supplier industry.